Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Hillary Clinton’s Warning To Biden: Could This Derail Biden’s 2024 Campaign?

Hillary Clinton’s Warning to Biden

  • Hillary Clinton privately advised President Joe Biden on the risks posed by third-party candidates.
  • Drawing from her own experience, Clinton cited her 2016 election loss, where Green Party’s Jill Stein drew away potential votes.
  • The interaction occurred during the Praemium Imperiale Laureate ceremony at the White House, according to the Daily Mail.

Potential Third-Party Challenges

  • In the upcoming 2024 elections, Biden could face competition from Green Party candidate Cornel West, a moderate from the No Labels group, and potentially Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who stated previously that he’d consider a third-party run if the DNC continues to shut out his campaign and solely focus on Biden’s campaign.
  • Clinton emphasized the importance of taking such challenges seriously, especially given the divisive political climate.
  • President Biden’s low approval rating should be taken into account as well, as he’s likely facing a much more uphill battle in 2024 than he did in 2020.

Poll Insights & Biden’s Predicament

  • Recent polls indicate that Biden’s approval ratings are declining.
  • ABC News/Washington Post poll highlights that Biden trails Donald Trump by ten points among registered voters.
  • When third-party candidates are introduced in the poll, Biden’s standing further deteriorates, indicating a possible split in votes.
  • Additionally, a considerable portion of Democratic voters express interest in alternative candidates.
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