A Stockton, California mother says her 8-month-old pit bull, Sasha, is a hero for saving her and her baby’s lives when a fire broke out at her condominium last week.

Sasha immediately went for Nana Chai’s infant daughter, Masailah as soon as the pup felt the heat emanating from the neighboring unit. (The Sacramento Bee)
The pit bull alerted her owner that something was wrong first by barking and yelping before any of Nana’s human senses detected that anything was wrong.

It was one of the few times Nana had left Shasha outside in the backyard for longer than just a few minutes, she told KTXL. The dog was going berserk, yelping, and pounding at the back door.

As she got closer to the door, she saw a glow coming from next door, her cousin’s unit in the fourplex. Sasha was already on her way to get her best friend.

Nana, 30, rushed to her Masailah’s room, but Sasha had beaten her there. The dog was trying to carry her out of bed and to safety — by Masailah’s diaper.
The family emerged unscathed, but the fourplex is a total loss, according to a GoFundMe campaign, started by Nana’s sister. The money raised will reportedly go toward helping them start over in a new home.

Read more at American Action News

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