Via American Action News:

A campaign rally for former Vice President Joe Biden turned into a shouting match between him and several hecklers, who mocked him as “Quid Pro Joe” and a “pervert” who molests kids.

“Quite a start to Biden’s event in Milford, NH — He was quickly interrupted near the top of his remarks by a protestor who called him “creepy” & made false claims about him being a
‘pervert,’ tweeted NBC News’s Marianna Sotomayor. “Another woman then yelled ‘quid pro Joe’ before another man began to shout about Ukraine.”

“You touch kids on video and women,” said the man, who was holding a video camera. “We
don’t need another old, white man running for president.”

“This isn’t a Trump rally,” Biden feebly responded.

“You don’t touch kids ever again. Don’t touch kids, you pervert!,” the man shot back as he
walked out of the school gymnasium hosting the event. “Look it up! Look it up!”

The man walked out on his own and it appears no security personnel or campaign staff attempted to intervene.
Seconds later a woman, joined in, shouting, “The truth is going to come out, buddy!”

“It hope it does. I hope it does,” Biden responded.

“Quid pro Joe! Quid pro joe,” she shouted as supporters tried to drown her out with clapping and booing. She also walked out on her own.

Another heckler confronted Biden about his son Hunter’s dealing with a Ukranian natural gas company. He was not near a microphone, and Biden responded with “Nice.”

With just weeks to go until the state’s Feb. 11 Democrat primary, polling shows Biden trailing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Biden also clashed with a voter at an event in Iowa, implying the man was overweight and challenging him to a push-up contest.

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