Student-turned-activist David Hogg announced his intention to run for Congress. The gun-grabbing teen told New York magazine that he wants to be “part of the change.”

Daily Wire reports:

In the NYMag puff piece, writer Lisa Miller says Hogg told her that he plans to “run for Congress when he’s 25.”

“I think I’ve come to that conclusion,” Hogg said. “I want to be at least part of the change in Congress.”

Hogg said his goals are to go to college next year and “read a sh*tload of books” before working on a presidential campaign in 2020.

Hogg bashed multiple Democrats in the interview, including “old” Nancy Pelosi, “terrible on guns” Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama — who he says “increased drone warfare and killed a lot of civilians.”

Perhaps fortunately for America, David Hogg has to wait another eight years before he can run. The first regular election he’ll be old enough for is in 2026.

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