Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to investigate disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The decision comes following the DOJ’s inspector general’s report alleging that McCabe leaked sensitive documents to advance his personal agenda.

Per Fox News:

The Washington Post reported that the grand jury has summoned more than one witness and the case is still underway. It remains unclear who were summoned to testify.

The existence of the panel indicates that the authorities are treating McCabe’s actions during his time at the FBI seriously and may even press charges if sufficient evidence is found. The grand jury is often used as an investigative tool to gather evidence, though it may not necessarily lead to charges.

Michael R. Bromwich, counsel for McCabe, indicated in a statement to Fox News that the grand jury was impaneled a month ago and said that it’s unlikely McCabe will be prosecuted, unless there’s pressure from the “high levels of the administration, and said the leak about the grand jury was a distraction from a “disastrous week” for Trump.

“Today’s leak about a procedural step taken more than a month ago — occurring in the midst of a disastrous week for the president — is a sad and poorly veiled attempt to try to distract the American public. We remain confident that a thorough review of the facts and circumstances related to this matter will demonstrate that there is no basis on which criminal charges should be brought,” he said.

The FBI unceremoniously sacked McCabe ahead of his planned retirement following the bombshell report, which also accuses the ex-FBI boss of lying to investigators and his immediate superior, James Comey, at least four times.

Comey himself backed the findings.

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