Via Trump Train News:

GOP Senator Martha McSally who is in a tough battle in Arizona has come out and condemned President Trump for his criticisms of the late-John McCain.

McSally said “it really pisses me off” when President Trump attacks McCain.

According to Fox News:

Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., said during a debate against her Democratic opponent Tuesday night that it “pisses me off” when President Trump attacks the late Republican Sen. John McCain.

McSally’s opponent, Mark Kelly, pressed her for a reaction to the president’s alleged comments calling war heroes “losers” and “suckers,” but she declined to comment on allegations from “anonymous sources,” she said.

Kelly went on to say it “concerned” him that McSally, a Trump ally, has never defended McCain against the president’s insults.
“Quite frankly, it pisses me off when he does it,” McSally said during the debate, adding that she has told the president in private and public settings not to do so. “Let’s let him rest in peace.”

McSally, a former fighter pilot, has been endorsed by three former astronauts despite Kelly being a former astronaut. Apparently, that is not that tight-knit of a club.


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