Google Employee John Wacker, who recently wrote an expose on the Anti-Conservative Bias that pervades the Tech Giant, has been fired by the company. As Townhall reported:

John Wacker is a right-leaning Google employee who recently wrote an open letter describing an ideologically insular, intolerant and retaliatory culture within the tech and information behemoth.  Writing at Medium, Wacker exposes what he calls “outrage mobs” and “witch hunts,” describing concerted and targeted efforts by leftist employees to get the company to freeze out or sever ties with right-leaning events and individuals.  He describes the internal and external credibility crises Google faces, concluding that a vocal element of his colleagues are seeking to control who is permitted to work at the company as a means of ultimately controlling the broader public’s access to information…

He goes on to explain how leftists at Google weaponize HR complaints in order to shut down opposing viewpoints, chronicling a number of right-leaning statements or comments that were formally reported, prompting action.  This included one employee’s defense of author Jordan Peterson’s opposition to government enforcement of pronoun-related language, and another’s criticism of the Women’s March over its anti-Semitism problem and lack of inclusivity toward pro-life women.  Meanwhile, Wacker writes, left-wing employees routinely engage in hateful, incendiary and bullying language with impunity (click through for several examples). Google’s Human Resources department has “completely abandoned any pretense of enforcing any sort of objective and impartial standard,” he warns.  Wacker says that as a high-profile Republican at the company, he was a frequent target of HR harassment via frivolous complaints, resulting in formal admonitions, and even an offer of a severance package as an incentive to leave Google.  His Medium piece was published on May 21st.  Roughly a week later, Wacker appeared on Fox Business Network to share his concerns with a national television audience:


Last night, the Daily Caller and FBN host Trish Regan reported that Wacker was fired by Google the day after his television appearance (Wacker has not directly tweeted about this, but he has retweeted reports about this apparent development, which suggests that it’s true).  If his claims are accurate — and it appears as though he’s kept records, and has solicited evidence of abuse an intimidation from other affected employees — this very much smacks of anti-whistleblower retaliation.  And it’s the second prominent instance of a right-leaning employee at Google speaking up against enforced groupthink, then promptly losing his job.  These firings only appear to confirm the premise of the dismissed parties’ allegations about how “justice” is meted out at Google. 

Big Tech’s increasingly tyrannical censorship practices toward the right of center and Pro-Trump voices have continued to raise alarms among those concerned about the right to free speech. How far will these tech juggernauts go in their unholy crusade to silence conservative voices?

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