A group affiliated with Kelli Ward’s insurgent Senate campaign believe their efforts to promote the conservative lighting rod online are being thwarted by Google’s advertising department.
For over two weeks, Political Media, Inc., has done everything through the proper channels to promote a site they say highlights Martha McSally’s anti-conservative credentials.
“We’ve been placing digital ads on Google for decades and we have never seen anything like this,” says Ward.
With the Republican primary in Arizona coming up this Tuesday, Ward (no relation to the candidate) says the whole affair “reeks of censorship.”
According to a press release from the organization, this is not the first time Google has targeted the conservative firm in a politically competitive race.

Political Media, Inc. is no stranger to corporate censorship. In 2012, the digital marketing agency called out Facebook for censoring content they promoted for the veterans-backed organization Special Operations Speaks. The social network suspended Special Operations Speaks after the group released a meme openly challenging President Barack Obama’s response to the Benghazi incident.

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