Via Trump Train News:

President Biden wasn’t enthused when Associated Press report Zeke Miller asked about Biden’s Covid-19 promise. Before signing a series of executive orders, Miller broached the subject which clearly annoyed the freshly inaugurated president. Biden is promising to dole out 100 million vaccines in 100 days and Miller wondered out loud if that was setting the bar too low. Biden quipped back at the reporter saying, “come on, give me a break, man.”

Townhall reports:

Yeah, the same people who mocked President Trump for Operation Warp Speed, the folks who said a COVID vaccine could never be developed within the year—are now wondering why the pace has been so slow regarding distribution. The liberal media just likes to complain. Also, we have not one, but two vaccines developed right now with the third, the one from Johnson & Johnson, projected to be approved for distribution at the end of the month. Operation Warp Speed is Trump’s greatest domestic achievement. It’s the silver bullet to this virus, which Biden will most likely take credit for in its entirety. That gaslighting adventure has only just begun.

But this ‘100 million doses in 100 days’ promise is akin to Trump’s border wall. It has to get done. If it doesn’t, it will mark a huge domestic defeat for this administration. At the same time, this White House could lie and say there was no vaccination distribution plan—there was—to fall back on and the liberal media establishment will take it at face value. As always, it’s very beneficial to have friends in the press corps, even if they annoy every not and then which is not often.

Biden also signed an executive order mandating that face masks must be worn on federal property, hours later the President was spotted at the Lincoln Memorial with his family with no mask in sight. [Keep reading: Biden Caught Without Mask Hours After Enacting Mask Mandate]

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