Via TTN:

Biden just keeps breaking records.

According to Gallup’s most recent poll, less than a quarter of those surveyed have “confidence” in the presidency, worse than during the Trump presidency.

Since 1975 Gallup has never recorded a confidence reading as low as Biden’s 23%.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“The largest declines in confidence are 11 percentage points for the Supreme Court — as reported in late June before the court issued controversial rulings on gun laws and abortion — and 15 points for the presidency, matching the 15-point drop in President Joe Biden’s job approval rating since the last confidence survey in June 2021,” said Gallup.

“All three party groups are much less confident in the presidency than they were a year ago, showing declines of at least 10 points,” added the polling outfit of its annual confidence survey.

The nation’s leading pollster shared a view rarely seen in its down-the-middle analysis. In its “Bottom Line,” Gallup suggested that confidence in Washington may never return.

“The confidence crisis extends beyond political institutions at a time when a near record-low 13% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. Confidence in institutions is unlikely to improve until the economy gets better — but it is unclear if confidence will ever get back to the levels Gallup measured in decades past, even with an improved economy,” it said.

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1 year ago

If this keeps up, Biden’s numbers will be so low the LOW teens will be something for him to ASPIRE to.

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