Fox News’ Chris Wallace chided Attorney General William Barr’s press conference, arguing Barr is acting more like a legal counsel for President Donald Trump than anything else. 

Per Mediaite:

Wallace appeared on America’s Newsroom to join their live coverage on Barr’s determination that Trump is cleared on Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. Wallace started by noting that Trump got rid of Jeff Sessions because he thought the previous AG didn’t do enough to protect him, and while he said there “doesn’t seem to be any contradiction” as far as the collusion decision, Wallace was intrigued by how Barr acknowledged that there were 10 possible instances of obstruction from Trump.

“You got into this very curious area where the attorney general seemed almost to be acting as the counselor for the defense, the counselor for the president, rather than the attorney general, talking about his motives, talking about his anger, his feeling this was unfair and there were leaks, and really as I say making a case for the president.”

Of course, details about Trump’s anger and frustration were referenced in Mueller’s report.

Wallace continued to predict that Democrats would be furious with Barr’s handling of the Mueller report, and that “this was as good a case as the president and the president’s lawyers could make that there is nothing to see here.”

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