Via Trump Train News:

A new poll released by Fox News conducted May 17-20 shows Biden leading Trump 48-42.

Their last poll in April showed the race was in a dead heat at 42-42.

When asked respondents who they “trust to do a better job” on the economy. Trump led Biden 45-32. Biden led Trump on the other categories, including China (43-37), Coronavirus (46-37), and health care (50-33).

Respondents were also asked “When will the economy start to improve?” 10% of respondents expect it to improve within the next 3 months, 22% expect a 3-6 month improvement, while 23% said 7-12 months, 24% think 1 to 2 years, and 14% think it will take over 2 years to improve.

In regards to party affiliation, 84% of Republicans and 3% of Democrats are backing Trump. While 88% of Democrats and 8% of Republicans are backing Biden.

One interesting note is sixty-nine percent of respondents are following the news surrounding the sexual assault allegations former Biden staffer Tara Reade has made against Biden. This signals developments in Reade’s allegations could cause damage to Biden’s candidacy. 

The poll was conducted before Biden’s massive gaffe that could damage his support from African-Americans.


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