Via American Action News:

Fox News is considering legal options after some of its viewers were targeted and tricked into buying worthless coins.

Law & Crime’s Colin Kalmbacher has more:

A lengthy exposé by Quartz shows how Chase Metals used “fear and Facebook,” allegedly to scam the elderly out of their retirement funds. And all of that fear was transformed into financial security paranoia–keyed toward a certain ideological faction of late-aged Americans.

Screenshots of Facebook ads reveal that likely Fox News viewers were targeted.

“Is Your Retirement Protected from the Deep State?” asks one yellow headline in a Facebook advertisement featuring a photo of a white, grey-haired, and blue-eyed couple tenderly embracing one another and seemingly wracked with concern about their future.

The advertisement by Precious Retirement Strategies continues:

Republican Insider reveals the truth about the “DEEP STATE” & What You Can Do About it Right Now with Gold & Silver on Your Terms! [Limited Seating] Watch the FREE Newscast Right Now! Sign Up for the FREE Newscast!

Several victims lost most of their savings. Responding to media inquiries, a Fox News spokesperson said: “Fox News has never had a relationship with or any of its associated aliases and we plan to further explore our legal options regarding this matter.”

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