Via Trump Train News:

Fox News Host Sean Hannity had former Trump team lawyer Sidney Powell on his radio show Monday.

He warned Powell that the incoming Biden administration is being pushed to launch an investigation and prosecute President Trump for “misconduct” while he was a sitting President.

Hannity went on to plead that the President should pardon himself and members of his family before he departs the White House on Inauguration Day which is on January 20th.

Later in the day, Hannity continued his campaign to get the President to pardon himself on his Fox News show.
While speaking with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich Hannity said:

“Then you’ve got Robert Mueller’s pitbull Andrew Weissman writing in the New York Times that he believes that the next Attorney General if it’s Biden’s should investigate Trump and if warranted prosecute him for potential crimes going back to Russia and obstruction on Russia when it’s based on a phony dossier.”

“I read that and I said on the air today on radio this…three years this guy did this and if that’s what they want to do if Biden ever became President I’d tell Trump pardon yourself and pardon your family.”

Here’s the video clip:

Trump has not been charged with any crimes and while a pardon is generally issued to people who have been prosecuted Trump could still preemptively pardon himself and his family for conduct which hasn’t resulted in a prosecution yet, according to Jan Wolf at Reuters.

A pardon would only apply to federal crimes but is irreversible by the other branches of the federal government.

However, this would not stop State’s Attorney’s General from pursuing Trump with legal action and some – in particular the New York Attorney General – have placed a target on Trump’s back.

In August, New York Attorney General Letitia James launched an investigation into “potential fraud” of the Trump organization and “whether the president’s company lied about the value of its assets” to obtain loans or tax benefits.

So don’t expect a pardon to stop Democrat Attorney’s General from going after Trump when he leaves office.


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