Via Trump Train News:

Fox News host Mark Levin says it’s time for the Supreme Court to intervention the presidential election. The Life, Liberty, and Levin host discussed multiple situations that had they occurred before Covid-19 they would have certainly been considered fraud. Levin honed in on Pennsylvania, claiming the state’s election protocols were fraught with “systemic fraud.”

Mediaite reports:

“Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you had voted by mail-in ballot, it would have been discarded. If that mail-in ballot have been counted, that would have been fraud,” he said. “Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot without a signature, that ballot would be discarded. If it was counted, that would be criminal fraud.”

“All of those ballots today count,” Levin added. “They were all counted in Pennsylvania because of unconstitutional and illegal changes that were made by officials and made quote-unquote ‘officially’ by individuals in Pennsylvania.”

Levin continued his rant on election fraud, despite the fact that the Trump team’s case of thrown out of court, noting that Josh Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, is a Democrat.

“What we see here is fraud perpetrated against the people of Pennsylvania, against the American people and the Electoral College process by politicians who violated the constitution repeatedly, who violated the rule of law by a rogue state Supreme Court. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court exercises legitimacy their power of judicial review, we have a potential constitutional crisis in the matter,” he said. “The U.S. Supreme Court should not just sit there and take a pass when in fact it is time for the U.S. Supreme Court to intercede.”

The Trump legal team has filed lawsuits in the Keystone State challenging the election results, however, most suits have been dismissed or withdrawn from the courts. Do you agree with Levin that the Supreme Court should intervene? Tell us below.


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