Via American Action News:

Is Hillary Clinton running for president? Fox News host Tucker Carlson sure thinks so!

Per WorldNetDaily:

On the Tuesday edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson was discussing whether any more candidates would be entering the 2020 Democrat race — something, he said, that Democrat insiders were hoping for.

To Carlson, Hillary’s activities of late indicated to him that she was definitely considering a re-entry into politics. Given that she’s self-evidently not going to be running for senator or anything like that, we can be pretty certain where her attention would be.

Carlson made the remarks during a segment with Democrat strategist Robert Patillo, who thought that the party was looking for someone who wasn’t yet in the race.

“What we have seen is the Democratic Party has been looking for that standard-bearer,” Patillo said.

Do you think Hillary is going to enter the fray at this late stage? Let us know your thoughts.


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