Via Trump Train News:

Fox News attempted to censor White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany by cutting away from her press conference. Fox Host Neil Cavuto cut away from McEnany while she made claims of voter fraud because he says such claims are “unsupported.” This is the latest blunder by Fox News after the outlet was the first to call Arizona for Joe Biden, who had not yet won the state.


Rightfully, the media called out Fox News for the decision.

It’s close there. And it could be flipped by Trump. Yes, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki made that point, which caused host Rachel Maddow to panic. A Democrat runs Fox News’ polling and election desk operation. And they said there’s no way Trump can win. Well, he can. They’re wrong. The votes haven’t been counted, and when MSNBC or CNN hasn’t called it yet, you know that’s a red flag.

The Trump team has already stated their plans to request ballot recounts in multiple battleground states like Arizona and Georgia. Trump and his team have also filed legal action in battleground states like Pennsylvania Michigan over voter fraud allegations.

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