Just a reminder, fellow gentlemen: thirst is the worst. And harassment, after your crush rejects you, is as dangerous as it is pathetic. 

Fox News host Tyrus appears to be learning that the hard way, after fellow conservative star Britt McHenry accused him of sexual harassment – going so far as to say she has proof.

Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin reports:

“You act like I don’t have proof. Smh. Carry on,” McHenry wrote on Twitter Wednesday night.

Mediaite reported Wednesday that Tyrus was booted off the show he hosted with McHenry — UN-PC, on Fox News streaming service Fox Nation — after she accused him of sexual harassment. The Daily Beast first reported that McHenry filed a formal complaint with Fox News, and alleged Tyrus had, “on multiple occasions, sent her unwanted and unsolicited text messages with lewd, sexual comments.”

Fox News declined to fire or suspend Tyrus following the allegations. Instead, he was removed from UN-PC and given his own program – a celebrity interview show called NUFFSAID — which debuted this week.

“While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of any employee matter, we follow strict protocols when matters such as these are brought to our attention, and we make no exceptions,” Fox News told Mediaite in a statement. “The process works because of the extensive systems and measures we have instituted. This situation was independently investigated and we consider the matter resolved. We respect the confidentiality of all involved.”

Tryus continues to appear on Fox New shows including the Greg Gutfeld Show and The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino

Insiders report McHenry isn’t pleased with the perceived slap on the wrist and has hired a lawyer.

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