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Georgia Secretary of Stated Brad Raffensperger still has a lot of explaining to do. Mere days ahead of the critical Georgia run-off election to determine control of the Senate and a phone call between President Trump and Raffensperger was suspiciously leaked to The Washington Post. The recorded conversation has been a major distraction to the election but it seems Raffensperger has no remorse for leaking the call.

Raffensperger recently sat down with Fox News’s Martha McCallum to discuss the now-leaked conversation with the President, but when asked why he leaked the call his response was nothing short of pathetic.

Townhall reports:

“I didn’t know it was being recorded,” Raffensperger told Fox News host Martha MacCallum on “Your World.” “I just was at my home with my wife and I had it on speakerphone, but I didn’t record anything in my house, but I was making notes.”

“I knew it was about the [November] results, perhaps it was about the runoff that we’re having tomorrow,” he added. “But since there is ongoing litigation, I want to make sure I had my general counsel there so he could answer any questions or just make sure that we didn’t harm any of our legal interests because we believe that their lawsuits have no standing.”

“That’s not an answer to my question,” MacCallum pushed back. “Are you going to answer my question? Did you, were you aware of the decision and were you in favor of the decision to release the phone call, sir?”

“I think that we have to respond to the president’s Twitter and we responded with the facts of the call,” Raffensperger said. “That’s how it got out there, so that the world can just see what was in there. They can make their own decisions.”

MacCallum didn’t let up on Raffensperger throughout the interview, eventually touching on the Georgia Senate race and Perdue’s disdain for Raffensperger’s handling of the phone call.

According to the interview’s transcript from The Daily Wire:

MACCALLUM: All right. So, I mean, that’s pretty clear that you were aware that it was going to be released and that you were OK with it. What about the impact on the two Senate elections? Because this has provided, in Governor Kemp’s own words, a distraction to the election, when the focus, he believes, should be on David Perdue, who called the release of this disgusting, and Kelly Loeffler. How do you feel about the fact that releasing the phone call has taken up so much of the oxygen in a very important period of time before the election?

RAFFENSPERGER: Well, the issues that President Trump has been raising about all of his contentions that he didn’t have a fair vote here in Georgia, that has been a major distraction for the two senators being able to run their race. In fact, he’s, in effect, been suppressing Republican turnout. And so, we need to really have a strong Republican turnout. I think — believe that, if you listen to that tape, you will believe that President Trump’s big focus is not tomorrow. It’s actually Wednesday, January 6.

MACCALLUM: Well, I mean, that may be what his focus is, and we’re going to learn more when we see him at the rally this evening. But I just want to ask you once again to respond specifically to Senator Perdue, who said that he thought it was inappropriate and disgusting to release this audio. What — how do you respond to him on that charge?

RAFFENSPERGER: Senator Perdue still owes my wife an apology for all the death threats she got after he asked for my resignation. And I have not heard one peep from that man since. If he wants to call me face to face, man to man, I will talk to him off the record. But he hasn’t done that.

MacCallum accused Raffensperger of having a grudge against Perdue and Trump and using the phone call as a means to exact revenge on the two

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