Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is running for president and has had many conflicting policy positions during her career. Those conflicts were called out during a recent Fox News town hall.

According to The Daily Caller:

Democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand struggled to explain Sunday how her flip-flopping on policy aligns with her campaign slogan “Brave Wins.”

“Your campaign slogan is ‘Brave Wins’ but when you were a congresswoman representing a conservative district in upstate New York, you took pretty conservative positions on guns and immigration. Once you became Senator for the entire liberal state of New York, you flipped and took much more liberal positions on guns and immigration,” Chris Wallace asked during a Fox News town hall. “So, how is that brave?”

“It’s because I came from a district that was really rural,” Gillibrand responded. “The Second Amendment was important, hunting was really important — my mom, of course she cooked the Thanksgiving turkey, but she also shot the Thanksgiving turkey — so I understand the importance of having a hunting culture and preserving our Second Amendment rights.”

“That’s why I’m in the best position, Chris, to lead this country into a place where we have commons sense gun reform,” she continued. “I recognize people have different communities. Some communities are rural, some communities have deep gun violence, gang violence, children are dying.”

Gillibrand is a strong opponent of the NRA. This opposition began when she was elected to the Senate and left her congressional district which was largely pro-gun.

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