Via Trump Train News:

The media went into a frenzy after President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed on Monday. Immediately members of the press started spinning conspiracy theories as fact and began claiming that the White House should be evacuated due to a “public health threat”. Once the President tweeted “don’t be afraid of Covid” the media went into a full-blown meltdown. Reporters and celebrities slammed the President’s comments calling them “reckless.”

However, former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson applauded Trump’s comment saying it “maybe the smartest comment [Trump] has ever made.”

In a report from Townhall:

“That might be the most presidential thing this president has ever said,” Berenson noted. “He’s not actually saying ‘Don’t be afraid of Covid.’ He’s saying don’t be afraid of one another. Because this is a respiratory virus. It spreads between people. And the only way to make it go away permanently is to lock us all away permanently. And that can’t happen. That is not compatible with life.”

The author of “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns” recalled what it was like to walk around an empty New York City at the start of the pandemic.

“Six months ago, even then, that response really didn’t make sense but there were reasons for it,” Berenson explained. “But we are six months on and we know that if you believe the [World Health Organization] and 750 million people have been infected with this, that the death rate is about 1 in 1000… if you believe in the CDC numbers, it might be 997… it is a tiny death rate. And we have gone crazy and we have sacrificed our kids and we have sacrificed society and Donald Trump walked out of that hospital today and said what needed to be said. We have to stop being so afraid of this.”

Berenson couldn’t figure out how a country that “put people on the moon” and had the “first manned flight” could be so afraid of “this rather dismal virus.”

President Trump is dedicated to restoring America to its former greatness before Coronavirus ravaged our country. His inspiring message displays leadership and confidence to Americans across the country, urging them not to let the fear of Coronavirus dominate their lives.

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