Via Trump Train News:

Some say it’s time for President Trump to move on and move forward now that the Electoral College has cast its votes for Joe Biden. Over a month since Election Day and President Trump has yet to concede the election to Biden, something that former senator and 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole believes Trump should consider. The 97-year-old Republican was blunt, “The election is over and Biden will be president on January 20. I know the president has not conceded and he may never concede, but he will not be in the White House on January 21.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“It’s a pretty bitter pill for Trump, but it’s a fact he lost,” Dole added, who lost to former President Bill Clinton 24 years ago. “It’ll take him a while to accept that.”

Dole went on to compliment Biden, saying, “He’s a friend of mine and he was a good chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. He did a good job. Proud to be a liberal — hopefully not too liberal — but he knows how the government works and the Congress works and all this will be a benefit to Joe.”

Dole also maintained that he hopes the GOP can keep a majority in the Senate as a check on a Democrat-controlled White House and House of Representatives.

“Right now it’s over and Biden will be president. And we all hope he’ll do a good job and not be too liberal. He’s got a lot of liberal ideas. We’ll see if we can keep the Senate,” Dole said.

President Trump has adamantly claimed the presidential election results were skewed due to voter fraud. The Trump legal team is currently contesting the election results in a handful of states.


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