Via American Action News:

Shadow, Inc. created the app used by the Iowa Democratic Party to streamline the reporting process for the Iowa caucuses. As we continue to await the results from the Hawkeye State, the consensus is clear: their product was an unmitigated disaster. 

Controversially, we have learned today that several former Clinton staffers managed the tech firm. 

But that’s not all. (Townhall)

On its website, the firm explains the team is composed of “campaign and technology veterans who have built and implemented technology at Hillary for America, Obama for America, Google, Kiva, Apple, the AFL-CIO, and the DNC.”


While the app was supposed to make the Iowa caucuses easier, many caucus site precinct chairs reported that it wasn’t working–an error that seems like it could have been prevented if Dem leadership opened the app up to prior scrutiny. 


Twitter users pointed out other possible red flags. 



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