Mattel booth at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Via Wikimedia Commons.
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Peter K Baker
Peter K Baker
9 months ago

Yahoo comments is clearly censoring out comments for narrative control purposes to shows bias against groups like the trump supporters and Trump at a time when Biden has called MAGA semi-fascist and the Antifa communists are supporting the Drag Queen Story Time Groomers and no doubt the pedophiles pushing for legalized pedophilia . But if anyone points out the obvious of what they are doing their comments get yanked down even if the articles that yahoo puts out are far worse then what you are commenting . They are so blatant that if you are patient you can see then doing the narrative control in real time. I doubt yahoo comments is the only operation doing this hypocritical censoring while pushing propaganda stuff and the trump supporters should go to all these social Media companies and comment sections that are pulling this manipulation and call them on their bullshit which what this is. The only ones that you can depend on to cover for you is yourself.