The media is fawning over the late Senator John McCain after his death–but here’s how they treated him back in 2008 while he was running. 

Daily Caller reports:

While campaigning for his 2008 president run, McCain was portrayed as an extremist, receiving blame for the racial and political tension seemingly brewing in American politics.

Accusations bubbled after McCain aired a campaign ad referring to then-opponent Barack Obama as a celebrity. Following its release, The New York Times editorial board promptly responded calling it a “racially tinged attack” since the ad juxtaposed Obama with young white celebrities.

Other media outlets quickly followed suit: Bill Press, co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, accused the ad of being “deliberately and deceptively racist;” MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said it was “almost subliminal racism” and Talking Points Memo co-founder Josh Marshall contended that McCain is “pushing the caricature of Obama as a uppity young black man whose presumptuousness is displayed not only in taking on airs above his station but also in a taste for young white women,” reported Politico. Ezra Klein, co-founder of Vox, also accused McCain of “running crypto-racist ads” during his campaign.

What started out as a drip metastasized into full-blown accusations of promulgating a racist agenda.

Somehow the media still can’t comprehend why people might think they’re biased. 

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