Via TTN:

During a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee FBI Director Christopher Wray said that cartel activity is “spilling over” into the United States due to the heightened number of border crossings. California Rep. Tom McClintock asked Wray if the FBI had information on specific instances of increased cartel activity in the United States and around the border and if some crossed were indebted to cartels and smugglers.

Fox News reports:

“Certainly, we have seen quite a number of such instances, absolutely,” Wray said.

McClintock followed up and asked if those debts are collected through indentured servitude to the cartels.

“In some cases, definitely,” the FBI director responded. ‘We are pursuing a number of human trafficking task forces, as well as working on certain taskforces with DHS [Department of Homeland Security] to try to address that issue.”

“But there’s no question that the cartel activity on the other side of the border is spilling over in all sorts of ways and you just put your finger on one that is extremely concerning,” he added.

Border officials have been overwhelmed since President Biden took office as record-breaking amounts of immigrants swarm the border. The administration has done little to address the crisis and even CBP officials have said the administration policies have rendered the agency basically useless.

The Biden administration has claimed the border crisis resulted from Trump, climate change, and poor economic conditions in Northern Triangle countries. However, even Guatemala’s president even said the border crisis is a result of Biden’s mixed messaging which has emboldened cartels and coyotes.

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Mike Tanco
1 year ago

Is there any doubt that Biden’s policy on the border is all wrong? If you don’t see it then you are a complete idiot.

Lola Heckman
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Tanco

If you voted for Biden, you got what you voted for. Dems think the illegals will vote democratic, it is all a plan of theirs.

1 year ago

Biden , even if he was senile is inept and I’ll equipped to be President

1 year ago

Every nation on planet earth recognizes that without the integrity of a strong border, it is an exercise in futility. Oh wait…except for ONE: the United States of America. Too many traitors in high places wish for US to founder, fail and FALL. It is time for a deep cleansing of the Joe Blow Biden Swamp. Go DJT! SWAMP DRAINING, 2.0!