Via American Action News:

The popular pro-life group Live Action may sue Facebook after the social media company attached a “false” label to one of its videos and may have hidden it from users.

Live Action President Lila Rose tells Fox News that two of her groups’ videos, stating abortion is never medically necessary, were flagged as false content by Facebook. The group has 2.4 million followers on Facebook and the flag likely resulted in the videos being hidden from viewers.

Many obstetricians, gynecologists and other medical professions testify abortion is never medically necessary. One of the “false” videos featured testimony by neonatologist Dr. Kendra Kolb.

The videos were flagged as fake by a group Facebook enlists as “fact checkers.” The group, “Science Feedback,” bills itself as an independent and objective “not-for-profit organization verifying the credibility of influential claims and media coverage that claims to be scientific.”

Despite that, most of the organization’s work is dedicated to spreading “climate change” propaganda that has either been debunked as a hoax or from activists whose past claims and predictions have proven false.

The group’s “Climate Feedback” project works to purge the mainstream media of objective climate reporting while boosting politically motivated “climate change” hoaxes.

The group declared Live Action’s video “false,” including the testimony from a neonatologist, despite the fact none of the group’s founders have any medical training or background in neonatology, obstetrics or gynecology.

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