CNN Atlanta via Wikimedia Commons

Via TTN:

Former CNN chief Jeff Zucker has reportedly accepted a settlement offer from WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company that will make him $10 million richer.

New reports reveal Zucker decided to accept the offer a few weeks after resigning from CNN after it was discovered he’d had an inappropriate relationship with a senior network executive.

Newsmax reports:

As a part of the agreement with WarnerMedia, Zucker has waived any future right or intention to pursue litigation against CNN, Deadline reported.

Zucker had hired attorney Patricia Glaser soon after his resignation. Glaser wrote WarnerMedia to warn its executives that CEO Jason Kilar’’s characterization of how everything went down was inching close to becoming defamatory towards her client.

Kilar admitted Zucker and executive Allison Gollust violated company policies related directly to news network’s standards and practices by not notifying the company of their relationship.

Their violations were found during a third-party probe into CNN’s handling of the “issues” associated with Chris Cuomo and his brother, disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y.

Chris Licht was appointed the new head of CNN last month. He’s expected to take over in May.

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