The former Democratic chair of the Federal Election Commission, who adamantly denied charges of anti-GOP bias during her tenure, has unexpectedly changed her tune.

Ann Ravel, now employed at the UC Berkeley Law School admitted in an interview with an alumni magazine that the FEC is “absolutely” biased against Republicans and that liberal groups were responsible for most complaints. 

Paul Bedard, of the Washington Examiner, explains:

 In fact, during one period when Ravel was on the FEC, the complaints against Republicans were about three for every one against Democrats.

As a commissioner, Ravel took many stabs at conservative websites and the FEC even looked at a case involving notable newsmakers like Sean Hannity. The Republicans on the evenly-split agency stopped those efforts.

It became such an issue that former Chairman Lee Goodman warned in an interview with Secrets that the Democrats were trying to silence conservative media outlets.

Of course, the pernicious bias was not merely confined to a handful of liberal ideologues. Democrats on the commission stand accused of engaging in partisan politics for short-term political gain, including giving left-wing groups a pass on alleged violations while acting openly hostile towards their right-wing counterparts.

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