Via Trump Train News:

CNN is known for spinning stories to suit their preferred angle on a topic. But it looks like the network found something even they can’t spin. CNN was forced to call the IG report on James Comey’s conduct “very damning.”

According to Town Hall:

The Inspector General report on James Comey detailed the former FBI director’s misconduct at the agency, revealing he violated policy and set a “dangerous example” for FBI employees in his attempt to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”

While Comey misrepresented the report’s findings, and actually asked for an apology, even CNN called it “very damning.

“The report itself is still very damning for the former FBI director,” reports political correspondent Sara Murray. “It goes on to say that James Comey violated FBI policies in the way he handled, retained, and disseminated these memos.”

She continued: “It says that Comey set a “dangerous example” for other members of the FBI, and it points out that he even had these conversations with President Trump about how important it is to keep investigatory details secret, and to not share information with the press and then essentially says he was a hypocrite for turning around and doing the same thing himself. It also includes a couple of select quotes from interviews they did with Comey’s advisers where Comey’s advisers are telling the IG they were stunned, they were shocked, it was disappointment to see that this is how Comey had acted.” 

Comey has come out of the gates claiming to be the victim of the report but it seems that he should read it before making these types of pleas.

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