In the name of gender equality, British authorities are considering handling men’s treatment of women differently than women’s treatment of men because leftists want to include every female in their ever-growing list of specially protected groups. (Daily Wire)

The behavior that could be deemed “hate crimes” would include “harassment in the street, verbal abuse, unwanted physical approaches, taking photographs without consent or sending unwanted text messages,” the Daily Mail reports. The “harassment in the street” could be something as common as a “wolf-whistle.”

This systemic inequality, some feminist activist groups maintain, is necessary to promote true equality.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, which campaigns for gender equality, said: “Misogyny is so widespread it has become normalized in our society,” said Sam Smethers, CEO of gender equality group the Fawcett Society. “As a result, women are routinely objectified and harassed. Unless we challenge it, this won’t change. We have to start calling misogyny out for what it is: a hate crime.”

Already one police department in England, Nottinghamshire’s, rolled out a trial scheme recording instances of misogyny as a hate crime. Now, it could spread nationwide.

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