Via American Action News:

Massachusetts Senator and Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was once an outspoken champion of school vouchers, touting them as a means of leveling the playing field for underprivileged children.

But after collecting $2.5 million in campaign cash from powerful lobbying groups opposed to school choice in this election alone, Warren has changed her position.

The cash-fueled flip-flop has voters wondering about what other issues Warren is willing to sell her vote.

“A taxpayer-funded voucher that paid the entire cost of educating a child (not just a partial subsidy) would open a range of opportunities to all children,” Warren wrote her 2004 book The Two-Income Trap. “With fully funded vouchers, parents of all income levels could send their children – and the accompanying financial support – to the schools of their choice.”

“Fully funded vouchers would relieve parents from the terrible choice of leaving their kids in lousy schools or bankrupting themselves to escape those schools,” Warren said in 2004.

But all that changed when Warren ran for the United States Senate in 2012.

Government unions oppose school choice and vouchers to desegregate schools and provide opportunity, as they cut off the union’s access to millions of political dollars.

Warren flipped her position to accommodate government unions, and they rewarded her with a massive amount of cash.

Her presidential campaign has released an education plan that attacks everything she believed before accepting union cash. The plan “calls for the ‘aggressive oversight’ of charter schools and the elimination of federal funding for them, and it opposes the ‘diversion of public dollars’ to vouchers,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Selling her position on issues has paid off handsomely for Warren. In the 2020 election cycle alone the government school lobby has funneled over $2.5 million to her campaigns, according to federal reports.

The flip-flop adds to growing concerns about Warren’s authenticity, after scandals in which she’s been caught fabricating her racial heritage and a sudden claim she was fired from a teaching job “for being pregnant” despite earlier explanations she quit because she simply didn’t like it.

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