Via American Action News:

If Elizabeth Warren is consistent about anything, it’s inconsistency.

She claimed to be Native American, but turned out to be white. She claimed to fight real estate speculators, but made huge cash flipping foreclosed homes. She claimed to have quit a teaching job because she was inspired to go to law school and backed it up with documentation, only to suddenly change her story to claim she was fired for being pregnant.

Now, in the middle of a presidential campaign in which she’s attacking elite private schools, it’s been discovered she sent her own kids to an elite Texas academy.

Corey DeAngelis, the Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, stumbled across the discovery while looking into Warren’s background.

“I’m nearly certain Elizabeth Warren sent her son to an expensive private school in Austin, Texas (Kirby Hall School),” DeAngelis tweeted this week. “Warren has been trying to cover this up since she fights against school choice.”

He backed it up in a series of tweets in which he shared documents and screenshots showing Warren sent her own kids to the very schools she tells Democrat voters she wants to shut down.

He first shared a 1987 yearbook entry from Austin’s elite Kirby Hall School, which boasts an $18,000 tuition fee.

It shows a male student named “Alex Warren,” aged 11.

Warren has a son named Alex, born in 1976, making him 11 in 1987.

The “Alex Warren” in the photograph looks exactly like Warren’s son in old family photographs published by her campaigns.

The school is located next to the University of Texas, where Warren was teaching in 1987.

It is unknown for how many years Warren sent her kids to the same private schools she now wants to keep other kids out of.

Warren was an outspoken support of vouchers and charter schools, even praising them in a book until she won her U.S. Senate race and began accepting millions of dollars in campaign cash from special interest groups opposed to educational opportunity.

That’s when Warren radically changed her position to match that of her donors.

“I do not blame Alex one bit for attending a private school in 5th grade. Good for him,” says DeAngelis. “This is about Warren exercising school choice for her own kids while fighting hard to prevent other families from having that option.”

Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because voters felt she was phony and untruthful. Is Elizabeth Warren setting herself up to repeat Hillary’s flameout?

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