The Democratic National Committee called the FBI. Wednesday, claiming someone had hacked their servers. But the truth came out hours later when it was discovered that the “hack” was fake. 

Daily Wire reports

Late on Wednesday, Democrats were forced to retract their claims after new information came to light and now say that the alleged “hacking attempt” was nothing more than a “test.”

“We, along with the partners who reported the site, now believe it was built by a third party as part of a simulated phishing test on VoteBuilder,” Lord said in a new statement. “The test, which mimicked several attributes of actual attacks on the Democratic party’s voter file, was not authorized by the DNC, VoteBuilder nor any of our vendors.”

The development comes after Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson claimed that “the Russians are in Florida’s records” — a claim that has caused significant problems for Nelson.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI both shot down Nelson’s false claim — which comes as he is trying to save his seat in the U.S. Senate — stating that “there is no current evidence to suggest any meddling in the upcoming midterm elections in November,” according to Fox News’ reporting of a letter they obtained from both government agencies.


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