Samantha Bee, the liberal host of the TBS network’s late night “Full Frontal” program, whipped up a firestorm Wednesday with a monologue in which she referred to Ivanka Trump as a “c*nt” over the Trump administration’s immigration policies regarding children.

But it’s Bee, not Trump, who wants to segregate children based on race.

But Bee, referring to debunked media reports that Trump was keeping immigrant children in holding pens, would know something about targeting non-white children.

Bee is leading an effort to stop New York City officials from placing black and Hispanic children in her kids’ wealthy, overwhelmingly white school.

Among those leading the “keep it white” fight are Bee and her husband, fellow TV comic Jason Jones. Jones and fellow parents insist that the real problem is walking 16 blocks to a new school, and not the fact their rich white kids would be seen in the same school as poor blacks and Hispanics.

Read more at American Action News

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