Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave a landmark speech at CPAC 2021 on Friday morning which was widely praised by conservative observers.

DeSantis hit on a variety of issues, slamming Republicans who shy away from standing up to the radical left, calling out the pro-lockdown mania among Democrats, as well as hitting other issues that echoed former President Trump’s own platform from the 2020 election.

DeSantis also took a strong stand against what he called ‘The Failed Republican Establishment.’

As The Hill reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rallied a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to fight the “failed Republican establishment,” highlighting the ongoing battle over the direction of the GOP in the wake of former President Trump’s electoral defeat.

In opening remarks on the second day of CPAC, DeSantis cast himself as an acolyte of Trump and his brand of conservative populism, echoing the former president’s attacks on “open borders,”  foreign labor and “military adventurism.”

“Florida’s leading on the issues that matter to conservatives,” DeSantis said. “We don’t spout hollow rhetoric. We take decisive action.”

“We cannot, we will not, go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear,” he continued. “We reject open borders and instead support American sovereignty and the American worker. Building a movement on amnesty and cheap foreign labor is like building a house on a field of quicksand.”

Some have speculated that DeSantis may be a top contender for the Republican nomination for the Presidency in 2024.

What is your opinion of Ron DeSantis, would you support him in a possible 2024 nomination contest? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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