Charlottesville, Virginia is a liberal enclave in deep red southern Virginia. 

Its status as a bastion for liberal intolerance was on full display after the progressive mayor proposed the city stop celebrating Jefferson’s birthday and replace it by honoring the emancipation of slaves. (Daily Wire)

The Daily Progress, a local paper in Charlottesville, reported that while Albermarle County observes Jefferson’s birthday in an official capacity, the University of Virginia – which Jefferson designed and founded himself – does not.

The Progress could not get a response from the mayor or her office about the reason behind her proposal, nor would several other members of the City Council respond.

Councilor Wes Bellamy, however, said he was “proud” of the major for her proposal.

“I think it’s a conversation that we definitely as a city need to have,” he said, according to the Progress. Bellamy also acknowledged the reason for the proposal was because Jefferson owned slaves and “raped Sally Hemings” – one of his slaves.

There’s no evidence Jefferson raped Hemings.

The proposal by Mayor Walker highlights the radical nature of today’s social justice warriors who judge every action of our ancestors through the prism of daily life in 2019.

While slavery cannot be justified, excused, or condoned, it can be understood in a historical context. 

The uncomfortable reality is that virtually all of today’s woke liberals would have had a radically different view on the social issues confronting society hundreds of years ago when societal attitudes were fundamentally different than today’s.

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