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A Democrat subcommittee is attempting to move quickly to pass through legislation that would not contain the Hyde Amendment which prevents abortion providers from receiving federal funds.

As The Dailiy Wire reports:

Democrats recently took further action to potentially allow future taxpayer funding of abortions. 

A subcommittee in the House of Representatives approved spending legislation that did not include the Hyde Amendment or the Weldon amendment, both of which have been bipartisan measures for years. 

The Hyde amendment was named for Congressman Henry Hyde and was first passed in 1976. It essentially bans the use of federal funding for abortion services with some exceptions, including abortions that are done when a mother’s life is in danger, or in the case of incest or rape. States are still allowed to use their own Medicaid funds for abortions.

The debate over the Hyde amendment has escalated in recent years. Republicans have attempted to pass legislation that would enshrine the Hyde amendment into law. At the same time, Democrats have tried pushing their own measures attempting to end the Hyde amendment. 

It appears that Democrats will stop at nothing until there are federally funded late-term abortions in every state on demand.

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1 year ago

We didn’t make them you can pay for them commie

Damon Lee
Damon Lee
1 year ago

We’re already forced to give Planned Parenthood half a billion in tax dollars each year.. Of course PP say’s they don’t spend those funds on abortion.. They only go to Democrat candidates who appreciate the fact abortion keeps the numbers of black ppl in check. There’s a reason those clinics are placed in poorer areas and black communities around our largest cities. Black females make-up around 6% of the total population of the US, but get more than 40% of all abortions each yr.