Via American Action News:

Democrats have found a way to impeach President Donald Trump from behind closed doors and without public hearings.

Still clinging to claims Trump “colluded” with the Russian government, Democrats plan to run impeachment through the House Intelligence Committee, POLITICO reports.

Under this scheme, both the Judiciary and Intelligence committees would hold impeachment hearings, but hearing in the Intelligence Committee could be held out of public view.

“Traditionally, an impeachment process has involved the public airing of allegations and evidence against a sitting president,” POLITICO reports. “But counterintelligence information, by its nature, is classified and cannot be publicly released or discussed …”

That puts Democrats in a dangerous position.

They must either reveal classified information in an attempt to take down Trump, or they must impeach Trump based on secret testimony hidden from the public.

In an impeachment hearing, the accused has a right to see the evidence against him. If such information is classified, it could possibly be withheld.

In an MSNBC interview last week, (Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam) Schiff said the House could move forward with articles of impeachment as soon as fall if the White House continues to stonewall congressional inquiries to the point of dragging out the various court fights.

“If the litigation takes too long — that is, if they are able to legally string this out too long — we will have to make a judgment about whether to go forward with articles of impeachment, even in the absence of being able to bring these witnesses in and obtain these documents, because the obstruction of Congress itself will have risen to that level,” Schiff said.

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