According to a poll commissioned by POLITICO and done by Morning Consult, a majority of Hispanics approve of Republican governors transporting illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” for criminal aliens.

Breitbart reports:

When asked, “Would you consider sending migrants to liberal U.S. states and cities to be appropriate [or] inappropriate?” more Hispanics said appropriate and did so by a six-point margin.

A plurality of 41 percent said appropriate, while only 35 percent said inappropriate. Twenty-five percent said they have no opinion or don’t know.

What’s especially hilarious about this particular finding is that Hispanics and whites are almost perfectly aligned on this question. White Americans said the policy is “appropriate” by a seven-point margin, 46 to 39 percent.

Overall, by a margin of 42 to 41 percent, more of the registered voters polled approved than disapproved of transporting illegals to left-wing cities.

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Gary Fernett
Gary Fernett
2 days ago

Why leave all the illegals in the south…let share the wealth with democratic states.

Gerald Ladd
2 days ago

LOL…Dems ARE bad news. Lead by a stuttering moron.

2 days ago

Share the ‘enriching’ ones with sanctuary cities and sanctuary states! Their reply: ‘Not in MY back yard! Send them to concentration camps!’

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
2 days ago

I wish Amanda would QUIT USING THE TERM HISPANIC! I always cringe a bit when I hear the term “hispanic” misused. The terms “hispanic” and “Latino” are only very loosely related. “Hispanic” is an American, not English, word derived from the Spanish word hispanohablantes, which means “Spanish speaker.” It encompasses Spain, Puerto Rico, The Philippines and much of Latin America along with many other nations and groups. It is neither race nor ethnic group. 

Similarly, the term Latino also is an American word originating around 1945 and derived from Latinoamericano or Latin-American. It carries a powerful 60-year old connotation of citizenship. Decades ago, the predictably illiterate government, specifically the Census Bureau, redefined the term Hispanic to mean an ethnic group that hailed from Mexico, Central America and parts of South America — regardless of citizenship or nation of origin.

Open-borders activists, liberals, Mexicans, Democrats, La Raza, LULAC, MALDEF, ACLU, and many others intentionally misuse these terms because it commingles 20 million outlaws with three distinct and well-defined groups. Mixing illegal aliens with sovereign hispanic nations, Latino citizens and resident aliens (immigrants), creates a confusing, amorphous blob of humanity that defies description. Illegal aliens survive in this confusion in the same way that birds survive in flocks and fish survive in schools. 

The problem is most illegal aliens aren’t Spanish, Puerto Rican or Filipino. And they’re neither citizens nor immigrants. They’re simply what their national labels say they are. Bluntly, they’re Mexican, Guatemalan, Venezuelan, et al. But hiding in this amorphy makes it difficult for law-abiding Americans to focus on them. Certainly the moms & pops who work for a living have little time to deal with such fine details. 

In America, the terms Black, Amerind and several others, clearly imply American citizenship and the term Latino fits squarely into this group just as Anglo does. Certainly it means neither hispanic nor immigrant. This definition also works for the many children born to second- and third-generation Latinos who cannot read or write Spanish. Due to confusion regarding the term hispanic, our nation struggles to find a term the activists would have us use to describe these children. 

It’s not a major problem though, because most of these folks prefer the simpler term “citizen” or American. If a moniker is needed, Latino is good but to reduce confusion, keep in mind it also means citizen. And of course Latina simply is the feminine form of an American with ancestry hailing from Mexico, Central America, et al.

Pro-illegal-alien activists and racists really hate this clarification because it removes much of their camouflage and perhaps, deep down, they might consider the term “Mexican” or “Guatemalan” too coarse for polite conversation. They’ve already written volumes objecting to the terms “illegal” and “alien.” 

It’s a dilemma for them because I doubt they’d openly object to the terms Mexican or Guatemalan even though they cannot quite bring themselves to use the terms. Lefties have intentionally redefined these once clear terms, muddying the rhetoric with ambiguity. And they’ve created a quagmire from which we may never escape. 

The bottom line is Latinoamericanos or Latin Americans are just as American as German Americans, Anglo Americans or Chinese Americans. They’re all Americans. Most Americans now resent Mexicans because of their lawlessness and arrogance. Latinos need to join with their fellow Americans or they’ll be commingled with Mexicans and equally resented. 

Only the race baiters believe this issue is about skin color, bigotry, racism and hatred. They’re well known liars who profit from divisiveness, bigotry and hatred. Mexicans count on support from Latinos because they share ancestry. But that motive is as thin as Anglo Americans supporting the UK in its disputes with the US. Or Chinese Americans supporting China in its disputes with the US. Time for Latinos to stand with us or with them.