Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Colo.), a freshman member of the House and a Judiciary Committee member, told constituents in a revealing video that the panel will almost certainly investigate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for perjury.

The Daily Caller’s Kevin Daley reports:

“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Neguse said when asked if the justice might be impeached. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

A conservative opposition research group obtained and disseminated video of Neguse’s comments.

The congressman was not specific as to which of Kavanaugh’s statements might rise to the level of perjury. Democrats have put forward various theories as to how Kavanaugh misled the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearings: One theory, which NBC News advanced, held that he lied concerning when he first learned about the allegations of Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate who accused Kavanaugh of drunkenly exposing himself to her at a party.

In response to questions from lawmakers during his second confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh said he first learned of Ramirez’s claims from The New Yorker, the venue in which her story appeared. NBC subsequently recovered text messages revealing the justice and his allies were discussing Ramirez’s allegations before the story’s publication, prompting charges of perjury.

Requests for comment from Congressman Neguse’s office have gone unanswered.

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