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Democrats in the House of Representatives have now passed a new bill which aims to set up a special office at the State Department tasked with fighting ‘Islamophobia’ globally.

As The Hill reports:

The House passed legislation on Tuesday to create a special office within the State Department to combat Islamophobia globally, as Democratic leaders sought to find a way to unify their party against anti-Muslim hatred while stopping short of progressives’ calls to remove Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) from committees for her attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

Lawmakers passed the bill along party lines, 219-212.

Progressives have introduced a measure to kick Boebert off committees for her Islamophobic comments last month suggesting that Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, could be a terrorist.

Democrat leaders chose to pass the bill, authored by Omar, to set up the special envoy to combat antisemitism instead of trying to strip Rep. Boebert of her committee assignments.

Instead, Democratic leaders settled on a bill authored by Omar to create a special envoy tasked with addressing Islamophobia around the world as an alternative way to address anti-Muslim prejudice without specific consequences for Boebert.

However Omar expressed her hope that action would still be taken against Boebert in statements to reporters.

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Mary Geiger
Mary Geiger
1 year ago

Those dems should fight Omar because of her nasty attitude toward Jewish people. Also, against Whites too. She thinks she’s still in Somalia. She uses her “woman of color” mantra to get away with all sorts of underhanded activities. We need to send her back to Somalia and tell her not to come back.

George Peabody
George Peabody
1 year ago
Reply to  Mary Geiger

Insane threat to the whole world has been, and today is, the deep radical Islamic vision of forming a global caliphate. Like Obama tried in USA. The radical muslim wants to kill you; the moderate muslin wants the radical muslim to kill you.  Mohammad was Pedophile! Koran demands Paedophiles.
Jihadists’ Allah surely is NOT our Christian God, do not conflate them!

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