Via American Action News:

California Governor Gavin Newsom is actively working with the state legislature to provide his state’s 2.4 million illegal immigrants with stimulus checks.

But he’s not the only Democrat flirting with the idea.

KTLA 5 News reports:

Newsom did not offer specific details when asked at a COVID-19 news conference about a possible emergency fund directly paid to Californians who are undocumented, but he confirmed that it’s among the various economic strategies lawmakers are exploring.

He described the exclusion of many families in the CARES Act emergency package a “real concern for us.”
A group of more than 125 organizations representing California workers in late March sent the governor a letter requesting the state fill gaps in protections for workers left out by the federal government’s response to the pandemic.

Newsom said his office is analyzing ways to respond to the challenges faced by undocumented residents during the outbreak.

Unauthorized immigrants are currently ineligible for the unemployment insurance benefits included in the CARES Act.
Back in Washington, members of “The Squad” are calling for benefits for illegal immigrants in the next coronavirus relief package.


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