Via American Action News:

Democratic lawmakers want a federal takeover of the agricultural workforce to cut American farmworkers’ wages for years, thereby pressuring the passage of amnesty and a new generation of Democrat voters.

Breitbart’s Neil Munro reports:

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), the author of the legislation, repeatedly described the corporatist bargain during the bill’s markup votes on Wednesday:

The bill implements a wage freeze for the year 2020 [for 250,000 H-2A visa workers]. This is a very important matter for employers, [and] wages are expected to increase by another seven to eight percent next year. Under this bill, those wage increases won’t happen.

This bill adds wage caps to prevent wages [H-2A visa workers] going up by more than 3.25 percent in most of the country. Considering that the AEWR rates [Adverse Effect Wage Rate for H-2As] recently went up 23 percent in certain states, this is a big concession. Those kinds of wage increases would no longer happen under this bill.

These are significant wage reforms — a recent report by the CATO institute found that the bill, if enacted, would have saved farmers $324 million in labor expenses in 2019 alone.

Lofgren’s colleague Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has echoed support for the wage-cuts-for-citizenship deal, saying “Americans farmers are still in business because of these [illegal] workers. … We must find the courage to do what is right, to find a seat at the American table for those who have long grown the food.” 


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