Via American Action News:

Freshman representative Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) angered a small business owner in her district by illegally parking on his property.

To rectify the situation caused by her oversight, the lawmaker commanded a staffer to “personally apologize.”

The Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher reports:
Slotkin was in Mason, Michigan, for a town hall event at Bestseller Books and Coffee, but she parked her car on the property of the Sports Stop, a screen printing and embroidery business. When she left the town hall there was a note left on her car that read, “You can’t park here, Sports Stop ONLY!”

The reaction from Slotkin after being notified of her mistake was to blame her staff, according to the video.

“Okay, so I’ll leave that to you,” Slotkin said as she handed the note to a female staffer. “Why don’t you go personally apologize.”

Slotkin then scolded her staff before getting in her car to drive away.


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