Via Trump Train News:

Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms offered some disturbing imagery while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. The Democrat mayor is no friend to President Trump and has worked tirelessly to disparage him whenever given the opportunity. While discussing the upcoming Georgia Senate run-offs Bottoms said Trump would be willing to “eat his own children” if it would help advance his agenda.

The Peach State has been the center of media coverage recently as the fate of control for the U.S. Senate rests on the shoulders of two run-off elections in January. Unsurprisingly, mayor Bottoms is doing anything in her power to drum up support for the Democrat challengers.

In a report from Fox News:

“He will eat his own children, I’m sure, if he found it prudent,” Bottoms answered. “But he’s now picking a fight with Brian Kemp, also the governor, who he was closely allied with. And so it’s my hope that even if people did not vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that they will be so disappointed and disgusted by this behavior. If you look at the transition, the lack of transition that’s happening, you look at our COVID numbers that are rising in this state and across the country, there’s so many reasons not to be supportive of Donald Trump at this point and any candidates who are aligned with him.
“So it’s my hope that when people go back to the polls on Jan. 5 they will remember that because in Georgia, Joe Biden got a nice portion of Republican-leaning votes in this state and also many independent swing voters in this state went for Joe Biden and it’s our hope that will happen Jan. 5.”

Later in Wednesday’s conversation, Cooper suggested to Bottoms that Democrat Stacey Abrams’ contentious defeat in the Georgia governor’s race in 2018 may have inspired more Georgia Democrats to vote this year but Bottoms said “a lot of things need to happen” between now and Jan. 5 in order for Democrats to have a chance of winning not one but two Senate runoff contests.

Georgia Senate incumbent David Perdue is facing a tight battle against Democrat Jon Ossoff while Kelly Loeffler will face off against radical Raphael Warnock. Republicans and Democrats from across the country are pouring money into campaigns, turning this race into one of the most expensive in the state’s history.


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