Via American Action News:

A federal jury has indicted two illegal immigrants for allegedly murdering El Dorado, California County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael. 

The same day, John D’Agostini, El Dorado Sheriff, bitterly criticized California’s liberal immigration policies and excoriated Governor Gavin Newsom (D) for not attending Ishmael’s funeral. 

Fox News’ Cody Derespina has more:

Ishmael was laid to rest Tuesday, about two weeks after he responded to an alleged robbery.

Officials say the incident was actually sparked by a spat among several men – at least two of whom were Mexican nationals illegally in the U.S. — involved in an illegal marijuana growing operation. When one of them came to believe he wouldn’t be paid a previously agreed-upon amount, that man called 911 and said he was being robbed, authorities said. Soon after Ishmael arrived on the scene, one of the men allegedly opened fire, hitting Ishmael above his protective vest. Ishmael died minutes later.

“[Newsom] had an important meeting with PG&E,” D’Agostini said Thursday, according to The Sacramento Bee. “One morning out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask.”

Newsom’s office told the Bee later Thursday that the Democratic governor sent representatives to the funeral in his place, along with a letter from Newsom to Ishmael’s family.

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