The Arizona State Troopers Association has withdrawn its support of Senate hopeful Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), deciding it will remain neutral in the high-profile race.

Aryssa Damron, at the Washington Free Beacon, reports:

The association previously endorsed Sinema, a congresswoman representing Arizona’s 9th District, in her last three congressional races. However, newly discovered comments from Sinema calling Arizona the “meth lab of democracy” and saying it was “fine” if Americans joined the Taliban left some troopers less than enthused about her candidacy.

After initially announcing their endorsement of Sinema, the association conducted a poll of its membership that led to the pulling of the endorsement. “The membership has indicated a preference to stay neutral,” the group announced on Oct. 22. According to some members, the executive board voted to endorse Sinema in the first place without consulting members.

“All members are encouraged to vote for the candidate they personally support,” the association said. “AZ Troopers will refrain from any political statements concerning the race until the conclusion of the election.”

Sinema and McSally are in a dead heat to fill the vacancy left by retiring Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). During a recent debate, McSally asked Sinema point blank about comments she made after 9/11 saying she “didn’t care” if Americans joined the Taliban. Instead of apologizing to veterans, Sinema accused her of “engaging in ridiculous attacks.”

The most recent poll has McSally only up two points.

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