Anti-gun radical David Hogg has a history of half-truths and distortion.

But his latest lie was utterly shameless.

“I got everybody registered to vote in the great state of North Dakota yesterday! If you would like to register to vote click here,” Hogg tweeted last week.

The tweet was part of Hogg’s national assault on gun rights. Funded by radical liberals, Hogg has been working with national anti-gun groups to organize voters against pro-gun lawmakers.

He was met with a torrent of liberals praising him for doing voter registration in North Dakota, and pledging to support his efforts.

But there’s a big problem with Hogg’s tweet.

North Dakota does not have voter registration, having abolished it in 1951.

It’s the only state in the America where residents do not need to register to vote. Voters simply need to present valid identification proving they are older than 18 and a North Dakota resident.

North Dakota maintains small voting precincts and is largely rural, so most election officials personally know many voters.

That means either Hogg was never doing any organizing in North Dakota and lied about it, or he’s making North Dakota residents fill out fake voter registration cards.

Read more at American Action News

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