Via American Action News:

In his latest unhinged rambling, subliterate Harvard enrollee and rabid gun confiscator, David Hogg may have mentally broken himself.

Once again casting himself as the white savior minorities need, Hogg ripped into America…but his wording had many people scratching their heads.

“America is not a melting pot—It’s an extremely segregated salad held in a bowl build of institutionalized injustice, violence and genocide,” tweeted Hogg, like any high school kid who thinks he’s edgy and groundbreaking because he leafed through a coffee house pamphlet.

“It’s time for us to toss the salad and abolish the bowl,” he concluded.

First, for someone who was accepted into Harvard, Hogg should know it is “a bowl BUILT,” not “build.”  But seeing as Hogg is only a mediocre student who’s coasted on a lifetime of entitlement and was accepted as a liberal activist token, let’s just be happy he can spell “bowl.”

He also shouldn’t be lecturing people about unearned benefits when collecting unearned benefits is his personal brand.

There’s also the fact that it was liberals who first suggested replacing America’s national “melting pot” metaphor with “salad,” claiming that a “melting pot” eliminates each ingredient’s individual identity.  Liberals claimed that comparing America to a salad was more accurate because each component retains its individual flavor and shape, while still coming together to create a flavorful combination.

But also…



Amazing how someone can threaten to toss America’s salad and it still not be the dumbest thing he said in that breath.  

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